Best Demo Award for Nomor Research's LTE Demo at WoWMoM 2007 in Helsinki

Date: 2007-06-20

Once more, a public demonstration of Nomor Research's LTE emulator during WoWMoM 2007 in Helsinki, Finland,  received overwhelming feedback from attendees, presenters and other audience. The stunned crowd included representatives of world-leading mobile operators, equipment manufacturers, and academia. The WoWMoM program committee acknowledged this and Nomor Research received the Best Demo Award of the IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks together with its long-standing partner Nokia Siemens Networks.
The demo comprehensively illustrated the major technical and economical advantages of LTE: High throughputs have been demonstrated by realizing an HDTV video streaming application, whereby users could even move to cell edges without any degradation of the video quality. In addition, the visitors were invited to play a reaction game via the emulated LTE network. The LTE latency was not perceivable indicating that those applications will become real in LTE.
Please click here to view a picture of the setup of the winning demo.

No less overwhelming was the feedback and reaction on Nomor Research's MBMS demo, also together with our long-standing partner Nokia Siemens Networks. Please click here to for a picture of the MBMS setup. The 3 different handhelds are displaying the broadcasted services.