Company history

Nomor Research GmbH was founded in September 2004 by Dr. Thomas Stockhammer, Dr. Ingo Viering and Prof.-Dr. Joachim Hagenauer, in order to continue a successful cooperation between Siemens AG and TU Munich. Dating back to 1999, the Institute for Communications Engineering, headed by Prof. Hagenauer, started to develop first real-time emulation tools for GPRS, EGPRS, and HSDPA. Christian Buchner, actually the first employee of Nomor Research, has been leading the software design as Senior Software Engineer of the new company ever since. From that time on Nomor Research GmbH is known for its simulation and demonstration know-how for complex and comprehensive systems such as HSDPA, HSUPA, MBMS, WiMAX, LTE and nowadays 5G. The company continuously worked and is working on tools which enable to demonstrate the emerging and new technologies and leverage their introduction.

Nomor Research’s customized products have been demonstrated successfully at major exhibitions such as 3GSM World Congress Cannes and Barcelona, at CTIA in Las Vegas or at the 3G World Congress in Hongkong. In August 2005, adventurous days of a “garage company” eventually passed and Nomor Research opened an office in Munich to welcome three new employees. In March 2006, Eiko Seidel joined the company as Chief Technical Officer to further pursue the goals of the convergence of future technologies across the layers and comprehensive system emulation/demonstration.

In 2006 Nomor in collaboration with Siemens Networks once again proved its leading position in Mobile Communication research and development with the world's first demonstrations of a running LTE and MBMS network with live applications. In 2007 Nomor became a member of ETSI/3GPP, signed a first licensing agreement with Vodafone and moved to its current office facilities offering space for up to 30 engineers. In 2008 Nomor developed and licensed the first fully complaint LTE protocol stack running on an embedded Operating System. In 2009 Nomor started collaboration with a tier 1 infrastructure vendor on LTE base station products for the world market. In the same year Nomor celebrated its 5th anniversary and had to increase its office space yet another time. 

In 2011 Nomor licensed its LTE eNB protocol stack to a tier 1 chip set vendor, as part of a collaboration to provide a small cell platform to tier 1 vendors. The rapid growth and the required investment to meet the high customer demands presented a major challenge to Nomor as a small, completely self-financed company. Consequently, in 2013 Nomor successfully sold the product business to a large Indian technology company, which can exploit the valuable assets in a more profitable manner than Nomor could do itself. Subsequently, the Indian company has founded a new research site in Munich; so we could also contribute to growth in the Bavaria region.

Today Nomor Research is back to its service business, working to 100% in research, devoting itself as an independent company to exciting future topics. In 2014 first demonstrators of 5G cm- and 5G mm-wave were shown in cooperation with Nokia Networks at the Mobile World Congress and the Brooklyn 5G Summit in New York. As a key employee of the company, Dr. Pauli, who since 2008 has been leading most of the simulation projects as Head of System Level, became member of the company's extended management. From 2015 onwards, participating in major EU funded H2020 projects, Nomor contributes with research and demonstrator development to shape Europeans vision of a future 5G mobile communication network architecture.