Standardization Support

Standardization is often essential to drive technology, to get knowledge about market trends, customer or competitors, to aquire essential intellectual property and basically to lay ground for future business with the required knowledge for implementation. Real impact in standardisation will be time and cost intensive since it requires years of attendance with excellent contributions, working across various groups and contacts to the decision makers, and is thus mostly limited to the key player.

Nomor Research's standardization services provide you the resources and the knowledge needed to understand and influence standardization. Sharing the resources between partners and projects maximized your impact and presence while limiting your cost.

Due to long experience of Nomor Research staff in standardization bodies such as 3GPP RANx, 3GPP SAx, ETSI, IETF and ITU, we can support you in manifold tasks on short notice as well as in long lasting projects.

Consulting can include, but is not limited to:

  • Reports about certain technical areas / working groups,
  • Insight into standards roadmap and technology trends, 
  • Evaluation of strategy of vendors and operators interest, 
  • Analyzing impact of future features on architecture (entities, layers, modules), 
  • Represent your company at standardization bodies,
  • Analyse the feasibility of concepts for standardisation,
  • Active contributions to standard activities,
  • Evaluation of own and other contributions,
  • Answer questions concerning certain standards
If you are interested we will be happy to provide you further information.